Do you have a garage door repair in Waldorf MD? Or a garage door repair in Suitland MD? Garage Door Repair Maryland offers both residential and commercial garage door and overhead door repairs in Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia.

One thing for sure is homeowners can’t always avoid costly repairs. As a homeowner, you’ll face an unexpected and sometimes expensive repair at some point.

If you have noticed water, dirt, or rodent droppings in your garage? There’s a good chance the problem can be traced back to your garage door. Garage doors come with a bottom seal to keep out each of those nuances, but the seals can wear out over time. In more extreme cases, the concrete floor or driveway could create large gaps under the door that standard seals cannot cover.

Older garage doors or doors installed on new homes may not be well insulated or may not have full perimeter weatherstripping to seal out the elements. Here are some ways to help you familiarize yourself with weatherstripping.

What is Weatherstripping?

Weatherstripping is the overall process of sealing openings around your garage door to keep out weather, increase interior comfort, lower utility bills, and reduce noise.

Benefits of Weatherstripping

Weatherstripping is both a way to protect the interior of your garage from flooding in addition to improving the overall insulation of your home. In the summer months, weatherstripping keeps cool air in. In winter months, weatherstripping keeps water and rain out, while stabilizing the home’s internal temperature.

While it is advisable to seal the door connecting the garage to the main living area of the house as well, properly installed weatherstripping around the exterior garage door can help to greatly reduce the risk of lost energy.

Additionally, the bottom of the garage door will not scrape against the concrete or pavement, helping to prevent premature wear of both the door and the floor. The cost of installing or replacing weatherstripping is low, especially when compared to the long-term benefits it provides.

Checking the Weather seal for Damage

The condition of your garage door’s weather stripping should be checked at least one or two times a year. Ensuring that the door is closed, pay attention to the edges of the door. Examine the areas between the door and the side jambs. Are these happening to you:

  • Shows cracks or signs of visible wear and tear
  • Can feel drafts coming through the garage door
  • Finding puddles of water around or near the garage door
  • The metal around or on the garage door is beginning to rust or become brittle in texture

If you answer no to these, the stripping is good for another season. If you answer yes,  please contact Garage Door Repair Maryland to come out to evaluate whether replacing the garage door weather stripping is needed and will help to ensure the internal temperature of your garage and keep the weather or critters out.

Also, when you seal the gaps, you’ll be able to save as much as 10-15% on your energy bill! If your garage door does require a repair, you need a trusted Virginia garage door repair company. Garage Door Repair Maryland is ready to provide any maintenance and repairs you need for your garage door. Please contact us today to learn more about our services. If you are located in Virginia, please call us at 301-200-1217.